Work Experience

Home Skills
Home skills arm students with practical knowledge and valuable experience in personal and social lives. The students are engaged in activities such as interior designing, meal planning, rangoli making, tie and dye and fabric painting and in hospitality. These skills equip them to be responsible and disciplinarian. They develop aesthetic skills with a scientific aptitude and temperament.

Computer Science
Computer Science offered to students of classes 1 to XII imparts extensive knowledge, insight aptitude and skills in the arena of science and technology. The practical training enables students to develop a strong foundation in the discipline. This work experience provides an opportunity to the teachers to develop their understanding of the application of computers through Photo and Video Editing, Audio Mixing, Website Designing, Animation programming and a deep understanding of computing devices.

Enabling students to achieve a balance of body, mind and soul and nurture a spirit of health and wellness for a life time, Yoga is an integral part of the curriculum of the school. Yogic feats, learnt through practice and discipline, ensure the holistic development of students. Yoga leaves a deep impact on their concentration, behaviour, fitness and emotional strength. It empowers students with healthy coping mechanisms in the face of stress, trauma and anxiety.

Sculpture Sculpting is an artistic expression of feelings and perceptions harbored in the deeper realms of the mind. It has a deep influence on the attitudes of students and inspires them to become self reflective beings. The students hone their creativity & innovation. Their exquisite works of art are presented in the exhibitions and various competitive settings.

Sculpture, learnt as a part of work experience, inevitably is a meaningful activity aimed at developing a sense of aestheticism and achievement among students.

Our school is well aware of the fact that music and dance are powerful forms of expressing the inner feelings and vibrating energy. Jindalites are trained in vocal and instrumental music, classical and contemporary folk dances.

Music has a universal appeal and the world would have been a rather dull and morbid place without music. To tap and develop the talents of the students and to familiarize them to various musical instruments, our school has vocal and Instrumental Music Departments. Each House in our school has a choir of budding singers and a fabulous band to complement it. They are indeed the pride of the institution. Both Vocal and Instrumental Music are taught with a lot of passion and devotion. The Music Department trains the students with the basic nuances of classical music, different ragas, dhuns, sur and taals. It sensitizes the students to our rich heritage of classical music and they perform successfully at various competitions. The Instrumental Music Department of NCJPS provides golden opportunities to its students and trains them in playing a variety of instruments such as guitar, synthesizer, drums, violin, etc. The mesmerizing musical performances of students stir one’s soul and transport it into the divine world.Thus, the school grooms the performers with a lot of diligence and hard work. The students learn to play Indian instruments such as harmonium, xylophone, tabla, dholak, congo etc. The performance of the School Orchestra in various House Functions and on special occasions is a much awaited event, which is appreciated by one and all.

Man has always been overwhelmed by the beauty of creation which in turn inspires him with a feeling of humility and a power of expression. It is our shared vision at NCJPS to provide a powerful tool to students and explore their creative potential through dance medium. The Dance Department of the school, with its vibrancy, trains the students in many forms of dance such as classical, semi-classical, folk, and western dance.

The Art & Craft Department of the school is our pride. Art is a very powerful medium to express one’s emotions. To nurture and bring out the hidden talent, drawing, painting or making compositions with one’s own hands is a perfect way. The students, at NCJPS, have a colourful exposure and experience to express their ability in drawing, painting, sculpture and craft work.

Visual and Performing Art
“What I am is a gift of God to me,What I become is my gift to God”|
With this vision, and keeping in mind the fast changing educational and emotional needs of today’s child, we, at NCJPS, strive to work towards an integrated development of a child through Visual and Performing Arts training. This training helps a child to tap the hidden potential and makes him a student of substance. Under VPA, the students lay hands on myriad hues of learning by exploring the areas like computer science, sculpture, yoga, craft, drawing, painting, gardening, music, dance, home skills, reflecting the creativity at its best.