Message by the Principal……..

We, at NCJPS, firmly believe that education builds the foundation for growth and progress at the individual and societal level. We are committed to build a comprehensive cultureand engage children in well-defined scholastic and co-scholastic pursuits for their continued physical, social, emotional and psychological development. Their innate talents and potentialities are refined by offering them a plethora of opportunities in an atmosphere of freedom, joy,faith and motivation.They emerge as confident individuals of intellect, imagination, responsibility and compassion. We promote independent upliftment of their inner ‘selves’ by inculcating in them virtues of humility, compassion, patience, honesty and integrity. This fulfils the aim of holistic development of the students of our institution that stands for excellence in all respects.

We keep the quality standards of educational learning high with adaptive pedagogies, encouraging environment and latest technologies. We constantly strive to realize the school vision and mission embedded in National and international goals and objectives.Along with development of 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, design thinking, entrepreneurship mindset, ideation , skill, creativity and problem solving, we aim to enhance the well-being of each individual child involving health and wellness, social connectivity, civic engagement, achievement and equitable access to all the resources that foster inclusive growth and sustainability in the ambit of SDGs given by the United Nations.